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Before & After's

I've always loved seeing before and after edits from other photographers so I decided I would try something new and share some with you! Editing involves SO MUCH more than just applying a preset and moving on to the next image. I have a customized preset that I took me about four years to create my own through a lot of experimenting and learning. But applying a preset is just the foundation....there is so much more after that... adjusting composition, exposure, white balance, color, tones and so much more. It's an art in itself and something I absolutely love!

One of the most common misconceptions about editing is that you can fix or adjust anything in Lightroom or Photoshop...however, finding that perfect light and composition straight out of the camera is what will set you up for a gorgeous edit! It's also something that sets photographers apart from each other! Hope you enjoy this post and would love to hear some comments or questions if you have any!

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