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meet hannah

I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. I am also available to travel!! While you're here I hope that you will find yourself inspired by the same love that inspires me.

I live for capturing those sweet, unguarded moments... the ones that fill your heart and stand the test of time. The way his hand reaches out for yours, the second before a kiss, dancing the night away with the one you others the ability to relive their story all over again is a gift I am honored and blessed to share. Through photography, I've met so many incredible people, many who will be friends forever. I not only love to create beautiful photographs for you but I love to connect with you,  know your story and really capture your true self.

I am an artist at heart. There is nothing sweeter than capturing true, raw emotion in people...this gives me so much joy and is one of the reasons why I love what I do! 

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my family

I'm a Georgia native born and raised, with a bit of Texas in my heart.  After college, my life's journey took me to Houston to start my career- talk about an amazing adventure! I later met my incredible husband playing softball at our local church. He caught two fly balls in the outfield, so obviously there was no way I could let him get the third. So I stole it from him and the rest is history! We moved to Georgia in 2016 and had a sweet baby boy to add to our family. I love my life- my ever changing 5 year old son and our silly little Morkipoo pup! I cherish all the simple, everyday moments with them. God is at the center of our lives and we have Him to thank for everything!

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